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Technology is always changing and we are here to help you keep up! Members are welcome to reach out to the US office for 1:1 technology help!

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Finding Lost Emails

  • Not finding a Zoom link or unable to track down important emails from class leaders? One way to avoid this is to add [email protected] to your contact list.
  • The easiest way to locate missing emails is by using the "search" feature of your email application. All email formats should have a way to search for old emails. Watch this short tutorial on using search in Gmail for more tips!
  • We recommend using key words such as "usask" or "Save Me" or the name of your study group for quicker access to any important communications you may have missed.

Navigating Google Folders

  • Google Folders are a way to store and share files digitally.
  • Each class has a Google Folder and the link to access the folder is shared in each "SAVE ME" email that was sent to registered members.
  • You don't need a Gmail account to access the class Google folders that were shared with you. Clicking on the link in your "SAVE ME" email should take you there.
  • Not all class leaders use these folders, so you may not find any documents in your shared Google Folders. Others will add items such as the class syllabus, helpful documents and presentations. You will have access to view any documents within the shared folders. 

There are many helpful videos on the internet to help with Google Drive basics. Watch this short video that helps explains some of its functions.