What do you want to learn?

Spring term consists of forty-five classes with seven online and three off-campus. The variety offered is sure to spark your interest, from a wide array of historical topics to regional culture and current events. You may want to learn the art of phone photography, cooking with spices, watercolor painting, or creative writing, or test your knowledge of geology, the early years of television, or birding in the Northland. Physical fitness offerings of hiking, folk dancing, Tai Chi and resistance training will keep you fit and active. There is something for everyone! Visit our Membership Page for more details.

There are no grades or tests, and no pressure. Get involved in discussion topics that provide an in-depth outlook on something that interests you.

Get involved

Join University for Seniors to challenge your mind, extend your social circle, and expand your horizons. Meet new friends in pursuit of common interests and become part of a great community of lifelong learners! If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities listed below, please reach out to the US office: 218-726-7637 | [email protected].

Class Leaders

Interested in being a class leader and sharing your knowledge and skills with others? Use this online form to share your class proposal with our team!

We support all class leaders with:

  • orientations
  • introductions on how to use classroom equipment and/or Zoom
  • support staff or assistants assigned to each class
  • free parking permits when teaching on campus

Class Assistants

Class assistants are a vital part of our lifelong learning network at University for Seniors. Assistants take attendance for on-campus classes, read the weekly announcements, and assist the class leaders with microphones, handouts, and other general duties. It's a great opportunity to get more involved with the program and community. 

We support all class assistants with:

  • orientations
  • training and networking opportunities
  • free parking permits when assisting on campus 

Volunteer on a Committee

In order to provide a full range of services to members, the US office and the US Council rely on a network of committees. These committees depend upon the willingness of members to give their time and effort on behalf of the membership as a whole. We ask that members get involved as a way of helping out and getting to know other members.

Curriculum - Plans, organizes, and schedules upcoming classes and Journey Jargon/Lectures for fall, winter, and spring terms of each year.          

Events - Plans US Program events for members, both on and off campus.                  

Finance - Reviews budget revenues and expenses.             

Marketing - Develops plans for physical and digital marketing materials. Represents the program at community events. 

Membership - Coordinates class assistants during the registration process and onboards new members.